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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Smart Diabetes Control Program For Diabetics!

By: Mandar

Diabetes is a deadly disease that can rob you of mental peace and health. However, by following a smart diabetes control program, you can to a large extent combat its effects and lead a normal life.

Things to do for good diabetes care:

Just following a program cannot serve the purpose alone. You need to refrain from the things that aggravate the conditions of a diabetic patient. Here are some of them:

* Check your feet every day for any cuts, blisters, sores, swelling, redness, or sore toenails.
* Keep your eyes healthy by going for a complete eye examination once a month that includes using drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils.
* Ensure that your general practitioner checks your urine for protein every year.
* You must also check your blood at least once a year for checking the blood cretonne level.
* Build up a healthy eating regimen with the help of your doctor or dietitian and follow it regularly.
* Take your medicines timely and as directed.
* Control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
* Smoking and diabetes is a killer combination. Smoking can increase your risk for diabetes related problems. If you want a normal and healthy life then it is advisable that you quit smoking at all cost. By giving up on smoking, not only will your cholesterol and blood pressure improve, you will also lower the risk of other diseases like heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases.

Tips for good health care:

Diabetic patients should always go for regular check ups to a health care provider. It is better if you always visit the same physician as he will get to know you and your symptoms better. This will help him to treat you in a more effective way. Here are some things that a good health care provider should look at every time you have a check up done:

* Blood sugar level - Keep a track record of your blood glucose. Whenever you visit your health care provider, remember to show them the records and tell them if you often have low blood glucose or high blood glucose.
* Body weight - Get your weight checked every time you visit your health care provider. Ask them how much you must weigh. If you are under or over weight, then talk about ways to reach your goal that will work for you.
* Blood pressure - You blood pressure should always remain normal. Discuss with your health care provider about any kind of deviation in it.

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