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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Foods That Stimulate Insulin Secretion


The number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes is increasing day by day. More than 10 million people in North America have been diagnosed with this disease and about 8 million of others who are not even aware of them having this disease.

A person gets affected with this disease when insulin produced in their body is unable to control blood glucose level in the blood. Insulin helps in carrying glucose to the cells so that it can be processed and energy can be released. When there is an overload of animal protein in the body, it disturbs the insulin reception process of the cells and thus glucose is not able to get into the cells. As a consequence of this the level of glucose in the body rises.

Red meat, seafood, poultry and low amount of complex carbohydrates are the diets that are advised to diabetic patients. However, these diets do nothing but make your attempt to treat the disease even more problematic. A diet plan that is helpful in lowering your blood pressure must include raw fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Type I and type II are the two types of diabetes. Type 1 or the insulin dependent diabetes can be treated but supplying insulin through injections and occur due to problem with the parents caused due to intake of processed foods, stress, etc. or excessive intake of antibiotics and other medicines by the child in early age. It has been found out in researches that having a diet rich in raw fruits, grains and vegetables can reduce insulin dependency. Pancreas regeneration is possible in young people if they include these types of food in their diet.

Type II diabetes, known as non-insulin dependent diabetes, happens in people in the adult age and generally after 40. This is caused due to excessive protein in the body cell membrane. Obvious enough, treatment of this disease can be done by flushing out any extra protein from the body. Raw plant food products and whole grains are good diet to be had in order to accomplish this and increase your body metabolism. Long term of unhealthy food habits compel the pancreas to secrete more insulin and thus later on it gets exhausted and as you grow older it fails to secrete enough amount of insulin. Including more of unprocessed food in your diet can help to reduce the blood sugar.

Chromium polynicotinate is a compound that can be had as a supplement so as to regulate sugar in your blood. This compound helps the cells to absorb glucose. It is found together with a supplement called vanadyl sulphate and this compound too has the property of stabilizing blood. These two compounds work in combination and assist in increasing the amount of insulin secretion. Some other herbs that can help stimulate insulin production include bitter lemon, dandelion, fenugreek, gymnema, panax ginseng, garlic and cinnamon. As diabetes is a serious health issue, it is essential that you seek professional advice before you adapt any of these supplements in your diet.
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