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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Complications Associated With Type II Diabetes



Type II diabetes is also referred to as adult onset diabetes. In the past the people that developed this form of the disease were predominantly adult and usually over the age of fifty. There have recently been studies that show that people who are a lot younger than fifty are not being diagnosed with this disease. It has even been reported that children are beginning to be diagnosed with the disease.
Type II diabetes develops over time in the bodies of individuals with either a history of the disease in their families or poor dietary habits. This is an inherited disease and if you have it then your children are going to be likely to have the condition when they get older if they are not taught to stop its progression through diet and weight control.
The biggest problem that exists for people with the disease is not the diet they need to follow. The biggest problem is the toll that this disease takes on the human body. Whenever the blood sugar levels in the human body are allowed to be higher than normal for extended periods of time the organs in the body start to pay the price.
People who have this disease are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke as other people in their age group.
The majority of people in the United States that have kidney failures and kidney complications are people with type II diabetes.
The disease will eventually cause the person to start having vision problems and each year it causes thousands of people to lose their eyesight.
There are more amputations of legs and feet done as a result of diabetes than as a result of any other injury or illness.
At some point in the life of people with this disease they will begin to develop diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a condition where the person will lose some of the sensation in their lower extremities and eventually they can lose sensation in their upper body as well. This loss of feeling can lead to injuries that become infected because the person was not aware of their existence. Some patients report that although they have lost some of the sensation in these parts of the body, the body parts burn or hurt continuously.
A diabetic is at risk for many other conditions developing. It is important that a diabetic follow their doctor's instructions carefully.
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