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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diabetes Prevention: 5 Important Tips



The home care professionals at Always Best Care in Chapel Hill, who provide senior care to many elderly individuals in Chapel Hill, Orange County, Carrboro, Hope Valley, and Southpoint, know that diabetes is a dangerous condition that may be prevented. The Mayo Clinic has released a list of five tips to keep your health in top shape and prevent diabetes. Although diabetes may still develop, despite prevention efforts, taking measures to avoid the condition can lead to improved health and, in many cases, can thwart the disease before it occurs.

1. Exercise more regularly. The combination of aerobic and resistance training can help control and prevent the development of diabetes. Through this exercise, you may experience weight loss, a drop in blood sugar, and an increase in the sensitivity of your body's cells to insulin. This sensitivity allows your body to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

2. Eat more fiber. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, beans, and other fiber-rich ingredients into your meal plan. Doing so can help control your blood sugar, decrease your chances of developing heart disease, and help with weight loss.

3. Opt for whole grain foods. High in fiber, whole grains can help prevent diabetes and sustain healthy blood sugar levels. While the Mayo Clinic does note that it is unclear why whole grains help, they are easy to incorporate into your diet in the form of pasta, bread, and cereal.

4. Lose any extra weight. Carrying extra weight can put you at risk for many health issues, diabetes being one of them. The Mayo Clinic reports that people have experienced significant reductions in their risk for diabetes by losing a relatively little amount of weight, citing a study that showed a 16 percent risk reduction for every 2.2 pounds lost.

5. Ignore diet trends and make healthy choices. Although trendy diet plans may work in the short term, they may not necessarily contribute to diabetes prevention. Stick to a well-rounded, healthy meal plan that focuses on portion control.

At Always Best Care in Chapel Hill (, we understand that diabetes is a major concern for many people. Through our senior care services, we work with individuals who are trying to manage the disease and prevent diabetes from developing. By following these five tips from the Mayo Clinic, you can also work to keep this condition at bay.

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