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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Know The Benefits Of Using Insulin Pump Infusion Sets



As an effective means to manage diabetes mellitus, the use of pump infusion is more or less common these days. A regular diabetic pump comprises of a pump and insulin infusion set. A diabetic person can choose a specific infusion set for a number of reasons. First of all, its a significant decision that a diabetic person needs to make when it comes to checking the levels of blood sugar. The insulin infusion sets help in monitoring blood sugar levels.

The infusion set comes in handy and can be used as and when needed by the patient. Thus, offering some kind of flexibility in the regular diabetes routine. Infusion sets are part of the traditional insulin pump. The pump is used to transfer the insulin to the user. Infusion sets for insulin pumps replace the need for insulin shots using a needle or insulin pen.

There are many people who want to avoid frequent shots. A trypanophobic would definitely prefer an insulin pump since an insulin pump requires changing its infusion set every 2-3 days. Therefore, you can get a break from the bouts of hyperglycemia. The infusion sets for insulin pumps are the preferred choice for many. Such sets offer insulin throughout the day 24/7. This also means that it is easier to keep the levels of glucose normal as long as the pump keeps on working.

Usually, insulin pump infusion sets help to ease the management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus that requires appropriate insulin administration. In addition to this, pump insulin infusion can offer more exact insulin management as and when compared to the injections that are likely to underestimate or overestimate the dosages required. Neuropathy is one condition which affects people with treatment of diabetes. The users experience less pain when they begin to use the insulin pumps.

Insulin pump infusion sets can differ from one another in tubing length, cannula length cannula insertion angle. It has to be kept in mind that insulin pumps can be a costly treatment to diabetes as and when compared to the more conventional insulin shots. Hence, the cost of the infusion sets and the cost of the pump need to be taken into account as well. However, the insulin infusion sets play a major role where the dependence of the user on insulin is somewhat regular. Diabetic in need of more regular insulin therapy can help himself without depending on the general practitioner or any one else.

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