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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Low Carbohydrate Foods Help To Lower Blood Sugar


Can low carbohydrate foods help to lower blood sugar? It is a frequently asked question that must be roaming in your mind that make you stop here. The one word answer of your question is yes; they are beneficial as low carbohydrate foods generally have low sugar content. The weight of the person is controlled by his calorie intake. If a person consumes fewer calories most likely he will be losing weight. The person can lower down the calorie intake by limiting the carbohydrate quantity in his diet.
It is equally important to know well the difference between good and bad carbohydrates. The good carbohydrates are termed as complex carbohydrates whereas bad carbohydrates are termed as simple carbohydrates.
It is equally important to remember that there are some foods that can be low in their carbohydrate content but at the same time high in their fat content. It is important for diabetics that they must not include plenty of fats in the diet. There are some very healthy foods that have low amount of fats as well as carbohydrates. The examples of such foods are meat, poultry, fish, non starchy vegetables, oils and dairy products.
Our body needs few fats, some proteins and few carbohydrates for proper functioning. It is extremely important to eat a balanced diet that contains all food groups.
Given here is a list of low carb foods that are healthier for diabetics.
Low Carbohydrate Containing Vegetables
1- Asparagus
2- Beetroot
3- Beans
4- Brussel sprouts
5- Cabbage
6- Cauliflower
7- Carrots
8- Celery
9- Lettuce
10- Leeks
11- Mushroom
12- Onion
13- Pumpkin
14- Peas
15- Tomatoes
16- Spinach
17- Watercress
Low Carbohydrate Containing Fruits
1- Apricots
2- Apples
3- Blackberries
4- Bananas
5- Figs
6- Cherries
7- Grapefruit
8- Grapes
9- Oranges
10- Lemon
11- Plum
12- Peaches
13- Prunes
14- Pears
15- Raspberries
16- Rhubarb
17- Strawberries
Low Carbohydrate Containing Nuts
1- Brazil
2- Almonds
3- Coconut
4- Chestnuts
5- Peanuts
6- Pecans
7- Walnuts
The most important point here is to remember that lower content of carbohydrate in the diet is not good for anyone including diabetics for a long period of time. It is always good to seek medical advice for making sure that low carbohydrate diet may not cause you any harm in the long run. It is critically important to incorporate exercise in the daily routine, which can complement the healthy diet.
It is famous that carbohydrates are the cause of elevated blood sugar levels; so it is better to incorporate fewer carbs containing ingredients when the level of blood glucose is higher. Once the blood sugar levels are in control it is better to return to a balanced diet containing a mix of fats, proteins as well as carbohydrates.
It is essential to keep a handy list of food items that cause your blood sugar levels to rise. This will help the diabetic to avoid being on a reduced carbohydrate diet for a longer period of time. Summing up, low carbohydrate containing foods are beneficial for the diabetics in short run for preventing the complications of diabetes.
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