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Friday, January 27, 2012

Importance Of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes



Diabetes is a disorder where the sugar which is formed from various food substances does not get converted to energy. Insulin which is formed in pancreas is responsible for this transformation. This insulin is either not created at all-in Type 1 diabetes or it is not getting utilized properly by the body-Type 2 diabetes. There is no specific cause which is known till date for the inactivity of the pancreatic enzyme insulin or non-formation of it at all. As the insulin is not able to convert the sugar, the blood sugar level becomes high resulting in various symptoms such as-

1. Excessive thirst
2. Excessive hunger
3. Sudden weight loss
4. Frequent urination
5. Fatigue

By performing blood sugar tests, diabetes can be diagnosed and various medicines and diets are given to the patients. Because of the various side-effects of the allopathic medicines, many diabetic people do not want to take them and look for some medicines which could cure their diabetes in a natural way or with the medicines which are less harmful. Here you will to known some Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes and how treatment can be done for diabetes in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes includes some steps like-

1. Modification of diet- The diet given is to ensure less sugar and simple carbohydrates are taken in less amount and the complex carbohydrates are taken more. Fat and protein intake should be limited too. Fresh fruits and vegetables are included in the diet
2. The body of many diabetic patients have antibodies against their own pancreatic tissue so cleansing of these tissues is required which includes herbal massages, herbal steam bath etc.
3. Exercise and yoga- Ayurveda recommends exercise and yoga in order to treat diabetes
4. Some of the herbs are known to be good Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes-
5. Neem
6. Arjuna
7. Turmeric
8. Shilajit
9. Turmeric along with Aloe Vera gel is a very good medicine for diabetes

Some other commonly used ayurvedic treatment for diabetes are given here which are preferred by the patients because of the zero side-effects.

1. Juice made of bitter gourd or bitter lemon to be taken empty stomach everyday
2. mlaki powder(Indian Gooseberry), turmeric powder along with honey to be taken twice daily

The Ayurvedic medicines to cure many different ailments are getting popular because of the herbal constituents and no side effects.
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