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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Innovations In Diabetes Treatment



There are many kinds of treatments for diabetes. A new diabetes treatment will help in reducing the health related side effects associated with the condition. A lot of progress is being seen by alternative treatments and medications.

1. Pramlintide Acetate
This is a new medication in the market for people who are suffering from diabetes. The administration of this medication is done during meal time and it is especially used for the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels. There is prevention of spikes that will occur after eating. The medications will tend to be very stronger than various blood sugar control options. Less medications involve more effect. When Pramlintide acetate is used, it has an association with nausea. Thus, the strength of medication is increased very gently. Loss of weight is also reported by diabetes patients while they take this new diabetes treatment.

2. Exanatide
This is another pre-filled injection medication. It is one of the most interesting medications which hit the person with diabetes market. The saliva of the Gila Monster is the only source of medication. Approval of using this treatment is given only to the people with Type 2 diabetes. The medication is used for improving the natural ability of the body. Insulin is produced and secreted. There may be an association of decreased appetite with exenatide.

3. Saxagliptin
This is an oral medication which has been approved by FDA. This medication works for the control of blood glucose levels after meals. These medications are approved for people with Type 2 diabetes only. Later they are combined with other medications as well.

4. Combo diabetes medications
Several combinations of medications have been created for the patients who need to take more than one prescription for controlling their diabetes. Most common combinations include metformin. It is often suggested that this is the first medication that is prescribed to a newly diagnosed person with diabetes.

5. Anti-inflammatory
It is suggested by recent studies that an auto-immune disease is mainly caused by inflammation in the body. Many of the times, inflammation is often linked with obesity. However, not every patient with Type 2 diabetes is obese or overweight. Many patients are turning to natural anti-inflammatories for reducing free radical damage to the cells.

6. Insulin pump
This is also a new diabetes treatment that is attached to the body with a skin patch or an inserted cannula which transmits insulin to the body. The insulin pump is programmable and battery powered.

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