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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Diabetes Herbal Remedies - Do They Really Work?

 by drandrewnapier


Diabetes is a scary disease, and will lead you to change your entire lifestyle. To treat it, you can resort to conventional medication and alternative remedies. This article emphasizes on the effectiveness of herbal remedies and supplements in lowering blood sugar levels.

What is diabetes?

We are diagnosed to have diabetes, when our body doesn't produce enough insulin, an hormone secreted by the pancreas, to properly use glucose, a simple form of sugar.

Natural supplements, such as brewer's yeast or chromium, can be added to our regular diet. Another herbal treatment, is the Alpha Lipoic Acid, which can improve insulin sensitivity. Vitamins B, C, E, and magnesium can help people to reduce significantly damages to the eyes, nerves, and kidney problems.

Studies on Ginseng, show that it can lower blood sugar in our body. Fenugreek, also helps lower blood sugar levels. But, research is not enough conclusive about the fact they can possibly treat diabetes. It is highly recommended to discuss with your doctor, about the drugs you are willing to use.

There is a supplement with vitamin D, which can ameliorate insulin level. The herb, Nopal, can improve the kidney and liver's function. And the body will be able to better use insulin. The amino acid cyestine, should be avoided while breaking down insulin.

You can also use a natural sweet plant, to cook your favourite meals. We can find the indian kino, which is a very ancient natural herb, proven to increase the pancreas regenerating cells. Blueberry leaves, contain myrtillin, which is recognized to improve insulin's sensitivity for several weeks. Beside those herbs, it exists several plant foods that you can try:Broccoli and other green vegetables, peas, and sauge.

Weight loss and diabetes are linked, that's the reason why a lot of people try different alternative therapies, that help them loosing weight. They will choose for example, chitosan, germander, or minordica charanta.

Chitosan is derived from seashells, and can improve weight loss, but available studies are still not encouraging. Germander and monardica charantia, have been the cause of serious liver, pulmonary, and kidney diseases.

Type 1 diabetes patients, can use bitter melon or mimordica charantia to lower their blood sugar levels. But it is not recommended to use it by patients with hypoglycemia. Onion and garlic, are efficient to decrease blood sugar in the body. The onion is a good natural way to prevent insulin's damages.

Gymnema sylvestre, increases the insulin's effects:500 mg of gymnema sylvestre extract daily.

Cinnamon, improves the conversion of glucose to energy by twenty times, and it is an efficient way to fight free radicals.

So, herbal treatments can offer an alternative solution to stabilize the diabetes illness, but consider them as a possible complement to a classical medication, and discuss about that with your physician.

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