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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pre Diabetes Symptom - The Facts

by Sutiyo Na


 The primary cause of pre diabetes is insulin resistance. This condition promotes a disparity between insulin and glucose levels in the blood. This may lead to obesity through an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habit. The condition can no longer be reversed, based primarily on having a more active and healthy lifestyle and shedding off some extra pounds. If the condition is left untreated, it will eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes milletus, which cannot be treated, only managed. Diabetes management requires insulin injections done every day in order to maintain blood glucose in normal levels.

Pre diabetes symptoms are similar with full blown type 2 diabetes symptoms, although they vary in a certain degree. Obesity is said to be the leading cause of a pre diabetes symptom. The first sign is the increase in urination wherein the body of the patient is working hard to lessen the excessive glucose produced in the body by flushing it out with water from the cells. This condition is called polyuria. In effect, an increased feeling of thirst is experienced because of the dehydration of the cells. Fatigue and tiredness are also experienced because the glucose particles are not being used up by the cells therefore no energy is produced.

Loss of weight is one sign of pre diabetes symptoms. This is observed in spite an increase in the appetite of an individual for the reason that the body can no longer use up the food particularly the carbohydrate particles, converting them into fat and energy and thereby, they cannot be stored and one tends to shed weight. Due to the reduction in the production of energy by the cells, one also experiences a feeling of being ill. Blurry vision results when the high levels of glucose present in the blood causes water from the lens to go outward, deforming the lens.

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