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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moringa Oleifera for Diabetes

by: Avon


Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by problems involving the hormone insulin. In healthy people, the pancreas releases insulin; insulin then works to help the body use and store the fat and sugar that is derived from the food that people eat. With diabetes, insulin can be compromised in a couple of different ways. In some cases, the pancreas doesn't produce any insulin at all. Other times, the body does not react in the right way to insulin - this is known as "insulin resistance." Finally, diabetes is sometimes characterized by a pancreas that produces an insufficient volume of insulin.    There are three main types of diabetes:     •          Type 1 diabetes     •          Type 2 diabetes     •          Gestational diabetes          Moringa Oleifera is a nutrient plant that can help to maintain normal blood sugar levels.         Moringa Oleifera holds so much promise for those who suffer from diabetes. This is primarily because of its many amazing, natural benefits. Moringa Oleifera has been shown to naturally boost the immune system, which usually becomes compromised in those who suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Moringa Oleifera has also been shown to possess many key anti-inflammatory benefits; diabetes often causes circulatory problems which can be managed through anti-inflammatory supplements. There are no negative side effects associated with Moringa Oleifera use, meaning that it is a safe, natural way for people to manage their blood sugar and care for their diabetes symptoms. It's just one more option for the many people who have to cope with this serious condition    Moringa Oleifera as a rich source of ascorbic acid helps in insulin secretion. It is interesting to note that certain nutrients like vitamins B1, B2, B12, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, protein and potassium – along with small frequent meals containing some carbohydrate – can actually stimulate production of insulin within the body.         A  female of  50 years old suffering from Type I diabetes for about six years. Prior she was treated with insulin shots averaging three times per day for diabetes, and tested with the result of normal range only 75% of the time during the blood glucose tests. After 30 days of taking the Moringa oleifera , she experienced improvement in her diabetes, and now she averages only two shots of insulin per day and requires 50% less of the fast acting insulin and 25% less of the slow acting insulin. After this, she makes a routine of using  Moringa oleifera and now the lady registers normal blood glucose levels 90% of the time, in all tests..    Grenera Nutrients is an integrated Moringa company that deals with everything from planting the oleifera trees to selling value added Moringa oleifera products. Yelixir is the flagship brand of our company. Since we control every part of the supply chain, all our products are 100% traceable. Our Moringa oleifera trees are grown organically without using any pesticides. We process the Moringa oleifera leaves and pods under hygienic conditions and using a special process, which helps the Moringa oleifera parts to retain maximum nutrients. Grenera Nutrients is contributing a lot for the research and application of Moringa oleifera in various fields and we are also investing to increase the awareness of Moringa to the general public.    For further details and for the purchase of these value added Nutrient supplement visit   For orders more than 50 USD we offer free shipping.

About Author: Avon Howard Jr. is a nutrition consultant and has been involved with the health food industry for more than 2 decades. He is a part of many research teams that has worked on the impact of various herbal extracts on the human body. His deep knowledge and vast experience of the health food supplements makes him the sought after consultant for many health food companies
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